Houston Art Lessons + Lulu Lin

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3516 South Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77098

Houston Art Lessons is owned and operated by local art duo, Lulu Lin. Our goal for Houston Art Lessons is to offer fun lessons that help students make real improvements in their artistic technique. We love introducing people to creative arts, so if you have always wanted to learn to draw, let us help you get started!

Lulu and Lin work together to create paintings, illustrations, and comic books. They start by developing studies collaboratively and usually paint the final pieces in tandem, simultaneously working on different areas of the painting.

Lulu and Lin started collaborating after they graduated from Rice, where Lulu double majored in architecture and art, and Lin doubled in biochemistry and art. Their backgrounds in science and design has led them to look for inspiration in unexpected places and create artwork that lies at the intersection of several contrasting disciplines.

Lulu Lin has exhibited at Bisong Art Gallery, Lawndale Art Center (Big Show), and at the Watercolor Art Society. They were also Hunting Art Prize finalists in 2015.

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Amy Lin

Owner, Instructor

I graduated from Rice University with a double major in Visual Arts and Biochemistry/Cell Biology, and I have about 3 years of experience in private tutoring/classroom instruction and 4 years in creative design.

Lulu Fang

Owner, Instructor

I graduated from Rice University with a double major in Visual Arts and Architecture. I worked as a graphics designer at Rice University while in college. Prior to that, I had taught private art lessons as well as art classes at the RGV Chinese School and at the International Museum of Art and Science for over 3 years.